Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy includes an variety of manual therapies that manipulate the soft tissue of the body in order to reduce tension and stress, increase circulation and aid in the healing of muscle and other soft tissue injuries.

The Benefits

Relieves stress and aids in relaxation - Improves the ability to sleep - Reduces muscle tension, stiffness, and spasm - Improves circulation - Strengthens the immune system - Decreases fatigue, anxiety, and soothes the nervous system - Reduces blood pressure - Relieves headaches and other pain-causing conditions - Enhances the health of skin - Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue - Improves flexibility, range of motion, and posture - Increases ability to cope with distressing situations - Enhances athletic performance - Fosters a feeling of well-being

Services offered at Meadowlark & Rates

Deep Tissue Massage

Prenatal Massage

Oncology Massage

Relaxation Massage

Sports Massage Therapy

60 Minute Session $65.00

90 Minute Session $85.00

LaStone Therapy®

60 Minute Session $ 75.00

90 Minute Session $100.00

30 Minute Focus Massage

Neck, Back & Shoulders

Legs & Feet

Arms & Hands